WebPay Usage Policy

We are pleased to announce that in an effort to improve your online payment experience, we have recently upgraded our web payment system. In order to access your account, you will now be required to enter your customer number and PIN. Your customer number and PIN can be found on each bill you receive.

If your account is in good standing, the following policies apply to customers making online payments:

1. You must pay the entire amount listed on your current bill under the heading labeled "TOTAL DUE NOW".

2. If you are unable to pay the entire amount as listed please call or visit the office to set up the necessary payment arrangements.

3. If you make a payment which is less than the amount listed on your bill without first receiving approval from a customer service representative, you may be subject to additional fees and/or interruption of service.

If your account is not in good standing and service has been discontinued for NON-PAYMENT, the following policies apply:

1. Water service may be reconnected by paying total due plus $30.00 at the Water Works office before 5:00 PM on regular business days.

2. On non-business days and after 5:00 PM on regular business days , water service may be reconnected by contacting Water Works on-call employee at (334)365-6783 and paying Total Due amount PLUS a $50.00 emergency reconnection fee in cash.

If payment is made online water will not be reconnected until the following regular business day.

I accept these terms and wish to continue.
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